Windships America

Steven D. Nielsen
Historical Fiction Romance Author

Two Runs of Stone Book Series

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Book Two, “Windships America”

Beneficiary of her father’s lands, livestock, and gristmill, Catherine
Rasmussen’s otherwise secure life was greatly impaired by her
marriage to Elias Jensen, so-called Doctor of Jurisprudence, political
aspirant, and known seducer. Only her sons kept Catherine on track.
Her home, the mill, and other outbuildings had been spared the devastation
of Denmark’s 1864 war with Prussia, but left Catherine emotionally
shattered. A precious necklace and a few thousand pieces of
gold in the vault behind a painting of the mill represented half of
Catherine’s fortune, but doubts over Denmark’s future had the heiress

Protesters thronged the cobbled streets of Copenhagen, demanding
answers for Denmark’s war with Prussia and reform of the country’s
archaic, monarchial system of government. Free elections of a
more representative body in the government had grudgingly been
granted, but the people wanted more. Adding spice to the boiling
political stew, the human existence philosophies of Soren Kierkegaard
had shaken the government’s bed partner—the Folkekirken, Denmark’s
state church—awake, and Catherine’s eldest son Peter, a student
protester, was caught up in the fray. But of greater concern to
Catherine was Peter’s romance with Maren Carlsen. The implications
of Peter and Maren’s union included immigration to, of all
places, the United States, itself a boiling cauldron of civil strife—and
Catherine was very despondent.

Was Peter’s desire to leave Denmark his way of ending the conflict
between himself and younger brother Ferdinand, or was it genuinely
connected to his recent finding of peace and direction? Catherine
did not know. Her own marriage was a disaster. Some days divorcing
Elias, selling her holdings, and then traipsing all over the globe didn’t
sound so illogical.

Two Runs of Stone is an epic in historical fiction set in the late
1800’s and is the result of fifteen years of concerted effort. Actual
journals of some of the women and men who lived and died during
the era provide the foundation of the work, not to mention their
Danish, English, and American ancestors.

In Volume Two, Two Runs of Stone—Windships America, we follow
Peter and Maren Jensen, Claus and Gunda Wangsgaard, and a few
hundred Danish Saints as they meet up with English members led by
one Trevor Wells on their way to Zion via windships and riverboats.
Join Torkil Olsen whose unfaithful wife opens an entirely new world
of possibilities to Catherine Jensen’s head miller and close friend. And
go with Catherine Jensen herself, as a visitor from the past literally
transforms her life!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is exploding all over Scandinavia and
England as volume two opens! Here’s to good reading.

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Steven D. Nielsen: Two Runs of Stone, a 5 Book Series, A fascinating portrayal of a mid-nineteenth century Danish family’s encounter with Mormonism set in the late 1800’s.

Copyright 2012

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