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Hello Steve,
From the beginning of page one I was hooked into the series of Two Runs of Stone. Author Steven Nielsen triggered emotions within me that caused me to throw the book down and immediately pick it back up for fear of missing out on the next critical moment. Each book took me to a new dimension of exploring my beliefs and what I would do in the same situation. For a year and a half I have been on pins and needles waiting with bated breath to read Book #4, Though it seems like forever, I know it will be worth it!

Joanie Norlund


I go to Church with this guy and he is real neat!

 His books are great and this is a series of books he has written.  You ladies will love the story line and you guys will love the war and other good sections .  Good Reading for everyone-You should try them out if you can.

 He gave me a signed copy for my family and I had to read through it all before I put it down, and that ain’t easy for a book to please me and a critic like me.

 Ranger515-Roger That!

Here’s another new review……

Thanks for telling me about your books. I just recently read, “A Beckoning Call” and really enjoyed it. I have Danish ancestry. my maternal grandfather and wife left Denmark and immigrated here in that time period. I really enjoyed learning about the political climate of the era. It’s much more enjoyable to have some romance, etc. woven in than just readying a history book. I haven’t been able to find the other two books on Amazon, but did see them at the BYU Bookstore when I was at Education Week. I didn’t buy them because I prefer to read on my Kindle. I’ll be looking for the next one.

Regards, Margaret Lee-Thomas (Cason)

All the best, and thanks sincerely for all of your efforts! Steve

Here’s one more from today….

Two Runs of Stone – A Beckoning Call
By Steven D. Nielsen

 Through the lives of his characters, Nielsen weaves the history of the period and places into this tale of humankind’s eternal quest for a better life. For any believer in the American Dream, this book is the curtain-opener into a saga of exploration and self-discovery that makes for fascinating reading.

 John Sneed

“A fascinating portrayal of a mid-nineteenth century Danish family’s encounter with Mormonism.
The story unfolds in the wonderfully researched historical setting of Latter-day Saint missionary labor in Denmark and immigration to Zion. Great character development !”
—Don Enders
Museum of Church History and Art
Salt Lake City, Utah

“An entertaining novel that more than held my interest from start to finish!
Nielsen is a skilled story teller.”
—Chuck Mortensen
Northridge, California
Former high school principal and English teacher, active member of the Methodist Church

“Amazing! I’m hooked. Wonderful plot! Catherine and Peter drive the action.
The writing style is so natural; I couldn’t wait to get back to reading . . . action like in a movie!”
—Bennie Willis
Houston, Texas
Masters degree in political science

“Two Runs of Stone captivates you in the sense that you do not want to put it down,
and when you do, you can not wait to pick it up again . . . a truly entertaining book!”
—Frevent Millet
Houston, Texas
Dental student, husband, and father

“I was so moved by Two Runs of Stone that I read it again.
One of the most interesting, entertaining novels I have ever read. A must read!”
—Nardene Hall
Financial consultant, English major

“Brilliantly captures the feeling of conversion . . . straight forward . . .
a real tell it like it is novel. Very refreshing !”
—Mont Mortensen

“Always anxious to see what happened next. This book really hooked me the very first day!
I had tears in my eyes towards the end.”
—Sharolyn Steinmetz
Houston, Texas

“Extensively researched . . . excellently written . . .”
—Katheryn Garver
Alta Loma, California

“Enjoyed the pace and quick style and historical documentation.
I love strong women characters!”
—Jacquelyn Wettstein
Business professional

“I could not put it down! An exciting and wonderful novel . . . the Scandinavian history is incredible!”
—Aileen J. Larson
Past President of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Weber North Center Company


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