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Steven D. Nielsen
Historical Fiction Romance Author

Two Runs of Stone Book Series

About The Author/Steven D. Nielsen, Two Runs of Stone Book Series

Steven D. Nielsen,
Two Runs of Stone Book Series

About the Author

Steven D. Nielsen is a Historical, Fiction/Romance author and business owner. He and his wife are parents of five children and twelve grandchildren. Houston Texas has been home for the past 45 years where Mr. Nielsen built a successful Insurance and Investment practice allowing him time for writing and research. Surrounded by women of strength and accomplishment throughout his life, Nielsen is also charmed and fascinated by a woman’s unique ability and extraordinary capacity to love men (good and bad) and men not necessarily of their own mental and emotional capacity.

Love, respect and fascination of womanhood salt and pepper’s Nielsen’s female characters throughout his work and subtlety yet effectively make a powerful statement for women in general. Portraited against a late nineteenth century pioneering backdrop indeed the women personalities in Nielsen’s books mirror some of those real people in the book “Men to Match My Mountains” by Irving Stone, which title by the way might more accurately have been “Women to Match My Mountains!”

Not that the men in Nielsen’s works are wimps…far from it! Peter Jensen, Claus Wangsgaard and Torkil Olsen are rock solid personalities that put plenty of backbone in Books I thru III. Their iron hard constitutions, physical strength, tender hearts and endearing feelings toward women make their lives exemplary of real men everywhere.

Raised in the western United States, Steven Nielsen has hiked the rugged terrain and lush forests of many a range of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Snow covered peaks, sweeping valleys, rocky trails, pulsating rivers, gently flowing streams and the deep glassy lakes of the Rockies where he canoed, fished, hunted and camped in winter snows as well as summer’s heat gave him great appreciation for outdoor adventure and keen sense of danger that enrich his writings.

Along with the above, Nielsen’s passionate respect for the pioneer women and men who peopled the early United States of America grew from exhausting research of actual American journals, biographies, autobiographies, ship’s manifests, Ellis and Galveston Island immigrant records and documents plus many other histories. The brave (many were fool hearty and weak) but always adventuresome – often reckless – immigrants, a tapestry of mankind from all over the world, plus pride in his own Scandinavian roots provided the material and the driving force behind the fifteen-year project, which became the exciting and epic historical – romance – fiction saga, “Two Runs of Stone”.


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