Get 5 Books Free!


I’m so glad you found this page and I hope you are too!
This page is set up specifically for you to be able to get all 5  books in the
Two Runs of Stone Series absolutely FREE!

“A Beckoning Call”
“Windships America”
“Hearts Desire”
“Wagons West”
“Full Circle”

This may seem odd to some of you but I simply felt that this is the best way to
make sure everyone has the opportunity to get a good copy of my books.
I had published my first book, “A Beckoning Call” on Kindle a while back and
unfortunately I found out months later that the book was not showing properly and therefore was not a good experience for the people that had bought my book or those that took advantage of a prior opportunity to get it for free.

Soooo……. Now everyone benefits! I have set up the form below so that you and anyone else that finds this page can easily get on the Early Bird List to be notified as soon as each book is available again for free.

Keep in mind…… The books will only be available for a maximum of 5 days.
I will email you well ahead of time and also send you a couple reminders of exactly when each book is able to be grabbed for free but it’s up to you to get it during that time frame, OK?

Just put your name and email address in the form below
so I know where to send your notification.